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Of course, Ony doesn't work alone. Below are just a few of his wacky partners.

"Our Number One ventriloquist!" -Lou Hilario, magician


MR. PARLEY - A perpetual drunk, he's a self-confessed "Pinakamalas na tao sa buong mundo" because he believes everything about and around him is worse than hell. (Ony created him in 2006 from Jelutope wood.)


NONOY - Yes, he's a kid... and the ultimate wise-crack. (He's another Conrad Hartz masterpiece.) 


PROF. OKE - He's the Master of Everything!  The most mystifying person/head you'll ever meet.  (He's another Conrad Hartz creation.)

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KULAS (left) - He is the dumbest person you'll ever meet (but he doesn't know it!). He was carved by the legendary figuremaker Kenneth Spencer in the 1960s.
QUACK (right) - He is the most amusing animal in the world. He will astaound you, excite you, and of course make you laugh until you cry. He was created by vent/figuremaker Col. Bill Boley in the 1960s. He was first owned and used by the great American ventriloquist Johnny Main. 


DINGDONG - The original Gorilla Thrilla in Manila! (Ony created him in 2007 from Jelutope wood.)


DODONG - The most fun-tastic talking bird you'll ever see! (He's sculpted by world-class puppet-maker Steve Axtell.)

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